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Hi everybody,
here some news and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the DIY against the State convention. We hope to see you in the streets of Freiburg!

A very important thing is that it shall not be the usual festival-like camp, but a convention that lives from the ACTIVE PARTICIPATION and ideas of all the people who are coming. So we want to encourage you again to prepare and do something - please end us ideas as soon as possible, e.g. if you want to present a project/initiative, have a certain topic discussed, want to do a workshop or artist stuff.

The aims of the convention should be the following:
- self-organization of learning/teaching of useful stuff in the workshops
- exchange of information on struggles for freedom/self-determination and putting it in a greater  
    context (presentations, speaches, public discussions)
- getting to know each other and connect to unite the struggles
- find possible future strategies for the defense of our spaces
- Reclaiming the streets and Direct Action
- Counter culture with the concerts, theater, cinema and artists
- Havin' a fuckin' great time

Most of the activities will take place in and around the autonomous center KTS ( www.kts-freiburg.org )
But there will also be activities in and with other autonomous spaces in Freiburg like the Wagenburg ( www.schattenparker.net ), the Grether Project ( www.syndikat.org/go/index.html ) and others.
And of course not to forget the actions in the streets, especially the Reclaim the Streets demonstration on Saturday, July 29. A leaflet containing all information you need will be available during the convention. Information on the FAQ :

Brunch and Vokü will be very cheap or free price. Vegan/vegetarian snack-bars    
welcome. Drinking water is free! It's no problem bring your own food/drinks. Please bring your own dishes (Plate etc.) if possible!

There's a camping space, bring tents and sleeping bags and stuff! Also there'll be a community tent. Of course all for free.

Vans/Trucks/Mobile Homes: Welcome! The city is big, but: parking at KTS Bands ONLY.

There's gigs on 27,28 and 29 in KTS. They will cost a little entrance to cover the costs of bands and organization. There might be concerts in the streets, so watch out for that! There is only a limited number of bands/day, so please understand that we cannot confirm everyone... List of bands confirmed so far: see below (Program).

Cinema/Video projections: No special plans yet...

Exhibitions: Commune de Paris, probably others (yours?)

Reclaim the Streets (RTS): Saturday afternoon in the town center. With Clown Army, Pink Silver, Live Music, Street Artists (you're welcome!) and a lot of surprises. Prepare something with your friends and present it on the RTS is the best idea. Afterwards food and party with bands, DJ's and Cocktails in the KTS

Workshops: Start from Thursday morning or depending on the people who run it and last one to three days (sunday). Participation is of course free. The following topics should be treated, if you are interested to run a workshop write to: diy-workingpoor@gmx.de
Audio engeneering, welding, screen printing, different fields of direct action
(communication etc.), lockpicking, computers (security, biometry), media,
first aid/medical, basic mechanics and maybe more.

Help: Always needed..... and please forward this mail to your friends!

People interested in being medics during the DIY camp should contact autonomedicine@no-log.org and arrive early in Freiburg to participate in the medic training on Thursday. The training thursday will go about 5 hours (CPR) and 4 hours on Friday (demo specific topics, tear gas/pepperspray remedies, etc.). Please bring whatever gear, supplies, or material donations you can! Also, please bring squirt-top water bottles to prevent dehydration & for flushing eyes!


d.i.y.against AT gmx DOT de